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If you would like to buy seed, please contact our office in Crowle, Scunthorpe:

Phonenumber: +44 1724 71 00 33
Faxnumber: +44 1724 71 00 99

HZPC distribute all seed potatoes through Seed Potato Merchants in the UK.

HZPC's potato varieties are available to farmers and growers from British Potato Trade Association (BPTA) members.

Garden and Horticultural buyers will need to contact specialist distributors as HZPC's minimum delivery is 2.2 tonnes.

Distributors should be familiar with the attributes of the HZPC varieties and will be able to discuss the suitability, or otherwise, of a variety to your individual circumstances.

BPTA contact is Charles Greenslade +44 (0)131 623 0183 if you can not find a local distributor.

For representation in countries outside the UK, please find the local HZPC offices and contact information here.