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Food security top priority


Food is currently one of the major issues these days. How do we provide enough food? And how do we ensure that it is safe, healthy and sustainable?

These are some of the questions that were answered during the first National Food Summit, which took place Thursday, January 26 in The Hague, The Netherlands. A coalition of four ministries invited the most influential decision-makers from the Dutch food world to collaborate and give substance to the food policy of the future.

HZPC represented at the first Food Summit

Food Summit in The Hague

During the Food Summit, over 150 CEO’s and directors of companies, nonprofits and universities presented their long-term agreements in order to accelerate the transition to a healthier, more sustainable and safer food system. Together with the entire industry, the government wants to ensure that The Netherlands will be a leader of safe, healthy and sustainable food within the next five years.

Our Research director, Robert Graveland, was invited as representative of Holland Innovative Potato to talk about the potato as a sustainable, safe and healthy product with potential to meet the growing world of responsible food. During his two-minute pitch, Robert discussed the important role of the potato as a high quality (export) product and sustainable potato production. This is possible due to a strong chain with leading breeders, high quality growers, strong industry, trade and marketing.


Collaboration Holland Innovative Potato (HIP)

Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) is a newly launched, innovative partnership between leading breeders and the processing industry. It focuses on excellent crop and product-oriented research to strengthen the position of the potato in food and reprocessed products. It is a great opportunity that Economic Affairs wants to further enhance the Dutch knowledge about the potato by HIP. Cooperation in the chain makes this possible.

HZPC is part of HIP to improve the potato stable and sustainable (climate smart) for the purpose of food security, efficiency in processing, low environmental impact and the food benefits for health.


Message from the Food Summit

An important message from the Food Summit is that they are working on improving nutrition in general. From meat till vegetables and protein, from knowledge till awareness, from foodservice till retail and from old till young. With the big challenge to change behavior, not only in product, but also in behavior across all levels of our society

In 2016, the Dutch agricultural sector had an export value of 85 billion Euros. This is the 2nd highest value worldwide after America. Over 15% of the world population ends up with several Dutch potato varieties on their plate.

The potato is the world’s third food crop for a reason. It contains important minerals, fibers and amino acids with calories. The potato is also particularly sustainable, for example the production of 1 kg potatoes needs less than 20% of the water compared to rice and cereals.


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