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Fries and crisps remain ever-popular with consumers. Our sales in this market are growing faster than our sales in the fresh market. With new concepts like Fries4all® we are entering new markets, and we are also managing to attract future generations of consumers to potato products. 

Healthy fries

An important trend is the need for healthy and ‘conscious’ food. Potatoes are healthy in any case, but much progress remains to be made when it comes to their preparation. This is especially true in the preparation of French fries.

We are on our way to healthier French fries. Under the project name Fries4all we are now working with two partners on potatoes with lower levels of carbohydrates, fat and calories.  We have already managed to develop French fries that do not require deep-frying. With an airfryer, 30% to 40% healthier French fries are prepared, while also maintaining the crisp, fresh potato flavour.

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